Ambulance - 2012 Ford/Wheeled Coach

Painted in a striking Navy Blue with Silver reflective trim, this rig provides advanced life support level EMS transport with EMT-Intermediate level technicians (several of whom are career RN’s).

Antique - 1946 Chevy 300 gpm/100 gal.

Featuring an “in-line six” engine with a four speed transmission, this rig is now used for public relations when the department sells corn as a fundraiser.








Truck 40 - 2001 International/Danko 2100 gal.

Truck 30 - 1984 Chevy/Smeal 750 gpm/900 gal.

This rig is reported to be the first commercial canopy crew cab built by Smeal.

Truck 41 - 1987 Chevy/Smeal 1800 gal.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Roger Brand, Asst. Truck Foreman Jerry Nitzscke, FF Jeremy Hassler and EMS member Jamie Parker for their hospitality, assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos and providing background on the department’s operations.

Wisner City & Rural Volunteer Fire Department

Organized in 1885, Wisner is one of oldest VFD’s in the State of Nebraska and holds the distinction of being the second rural community in the state to install hydrants. Present day, they provide Fire & ALS level EMS transport service to a city and rural district encompassing 154 square miles. Twenty five active Fire & EMS volunteers respond to an average of 125 alarms annually.