Tanker 4 - 1999 Spartan/General Safety 1500 gpm/2000 gal.

Westfield operates their entire fleet from this 8 bay firehouse which features two double deep bays and a two story training facility in the rear of the property.








Engine 5 - 1987 Spartan/General Safety 1250 gpm/750 gal.

This rig’s twin was replaced in 2006 with the Spartan/GeneralSafety pumper shown above.

Special thanks to Chief John Lockwood for arranging this visit as well as Lt. Jason Lubee, FF Lucas Kennedy & FF James Figueroa for their assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos.

Forestry Tanker - 1954 AM General 1000 gal.

Forestry Unit - 1967 Jeep Kaiser 250 gpm

After 45 years, this unit still remains in active frontline service.

Engine 2 - 2006 Spartan/General Safety 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Operating as a rescue engine, this rig features Class A & B foam as well as a Hurst extrication tool.

Organized in 1931 to protect the western portion of Middletown, Westfield serves a 12.76 square mile response area providing Fire, Rescue & EMS First Response. A combination department with 40 active volunteers, the department responds to an average of 1,200 alarms annually.