Volunteer Hose Co# 2

West Haverstraw Fire Department

“House of Blues”

Organized in 1915, Volunteer Hose Co# 2 built their firehouse in 1919 on the site of the former “Manhattan Theater” using donated materials & labor. During the construction, a fire occurred at the Fowler Brickyard - as a gesture of gratitude for their efforts, the owner allowed the company to have all the bricks they needed (prompting other brickyards to follow suit). Volunteer Hose Co# 2 maintained a strong loyalty to Mack for 75 years having operated a 1925 chain driven Bulldog, 1949 “L” Model 500 gpm, 1964 “B” 1000 gpm and 1980 “CF” 1500 gpm pumpers.








23-1000 (Retired) - 1964 Mack B 1000 gpm

This workhorse faithfully served West Haverstraw for 35 years until the year 2000 having replaced a 1949 Mack 500 gpm pumper. It has since been restored and is maintained in pristine condition for use on the local parade and muster circuit.

23-RESCUE - 1990 Ford F-800/Saulsbury

This workhorse was refurbished in 2011 with LED warning lights, a light tower and new paint. Featuring a 20 ton winch in the extended front bumper, it is equipped with Hurst® extrication tools, Rescue 42® struts, an ArcAir® torch and water/ice rescue equipment. Due to this rig’s solid reliability, future plans call for the walk-in rescue box to be re-mounted on a new chassis.

Engine 23-1501 - 2000 Sutphen 1500 gpm/750 gal.

After a 75 year relationship with Mack Fire Apparatus, this rig replaced Engine 23-1000 (shown below) which served faithfully for 35 years. This rig features an identical hose load as Engine 23-1500.

Volunteer Hose Co# 2 operates their Blue & White fleet from this double bay firehouse with the original 1915 firehouse as their lounge which was redone by the members for their 100th anniversary.

Engine 23-1500 - 2012 KME Predator Panther 1500 gpm/750 gal.

This rig replaced a 1980 Mack CF pumper which was the last of Volunteer Hose Co. 2’s in-service fleet of Mack engines. Set up as both an attack and water supply engine, it is equipped with 1,100’ of LDH (set up for a forward or reverse lay), two 800’ “dead-beds” (300’ of 1-3/4” on top of 500’ 2.5”) and two 200’ beds of 2-1/2” attack line (one with a pre-connected BlitzFire® monitor). A 100’ 1-3/4” bumper line and two 200’ 1-3/4” crosslays round out its’ firefighting arsenal.

23-Patrol - 2014 Ford F-350

Assigned for utility purposes and personnel transport, it replaced a 1976 Ford with a utility body that formerly operated as the company’s heavy rescue apparatus.

Special thanks to Lt. Jose Mulero, Asst. Engineer Richie Fenner and FF Edward Kearns for their hospitality and assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos and providing background information on the company and its’ apparatus.