Wanamassa Fire Company

Organized in 1922, Wanamassa Fire Co. operates as Township of Ocean Fire District# 2 (Oakhurst FC operates as Fire District# 1). Fifty active volunteers answering an annual average of 300 alarms provide Fire & Rescue protection to a residential/commercial area including Routes 18, 35 and the Asbury Traffic Circle.








gpm/ gal.

Special thanks to Captain Nick Dowling & Commissioner Earl Gifford for their hospitality and assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos & providing information on the company’s operations.

The original firehouse constructed in 1927 presently houses the first aid squad and fire police (traffic/crowd control) while the fire company’s fleet is housed across the street in a modern five bay station.

Engine 37-2-75 - 2010 Spartan Gladiator/Crimson 2000 gpm/750 gal.

Engine 37-2-78 - 2005 American LaFrance Eagle 2000 gpm/750 gal./40 gal. foam/CAFS

Ladder 37-2-90 - 2000 American LaFrance Eagle/LTI 93’/ 2000 gpm/600 gal.

Outfitted with a 15kw generator and 600’ of 5” LDH supply line, this rig is due to refurbished in 2016 with body upgrades and updated LED warning lights.

Rescue 37-2-85 - 37-2-78 - 2007 American LaFrance Eagle/Rescue Master

Seating six (5 with SCBA), this rig features a 30kw generator, 9,000 watt light tower, electric roll-off awning, six bottle cascade system with a Sierra® booster pump and a 9,000 lb. portable winch with multiple receiver points. A multitude of air, hydraulic and electric reels power Hurst® extrication tools (rear - spreader/cutter & rams, front bumper combi-tool) and air tools.

Engine 37-2-75 - 2015 Spartan ERV 2000 gpm/750 gal.

Wanamassa Fire Co. was a loyal American LaFrance customer for many years - with ALF’s demise, they have begun the transition with their newer rigs to Crimson/Spartan ERV.

Engine 37-2-78 (Retired) - 1969 Seagrave KB 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Retired in 2005 with the arrival of the American LaFrance engine shown above, this rig is now owned by the Asbury Park FD as a reserve engine.