Wildwood (NJ) FD, Boardwalk Deluge Unit F-396

1996 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler

Having replaced a 1956 Willys CJ-5 that entered service in 1975 following duty with the Wildwood Beach Patrol, this compact rig provides the ability to place heavy caliber streams (both hand line and master stream) into service on the boardwalk and in the tightly packed streets where exposure control is of concern. It is outfitted with a fixed plumbed deck gun, dual rear intakes (one with Storz fittings, the other with an “FDC” type siamese) as well as a 3” large caliber hand line and 5” LDH supply line.

“Under the Boardwalk”

Beachfront communities with their narrow streets, tightly spaced wood frame structures and wooden boardwalks present special challenges to firefighting. Accordingly, departments protecting these communities utilize a variety of “unyque” apparatus (often built in-house) to access and operate in these areas.








Cherry Grove (Fire Island, NY) FD, Engine 5-26-2

2015 Taylor-Dunn/Neville Fleet 500 gpm

The first new apparatus in 37 years (and the first ever custom built), this short wheel base unit serves on an isolated barrier island off the south shore of Long Island. Measuring only 5’ wide, it is designed to transverse the 6’ wide pedestrian boardwalks that provide access between the beachfront communities. Constructed by a local apparatus dealer/repair shop, it features upgraded heavy duty suspension, dual batteries and LED warning lighting as well as a 500 gpm skid mounted pump. With large capacity mini-pumpers serving as water source engines drafting from the bay or ocean, it does not feature a water tank. It is outfitted with a 200’ 1-3/4” pre-connect, two SCBA with spare cylinders, forcible entry tools, assorted adapters, a gated wye and an AED.

Brush 5 - 1987 Chevy Custom Deluxe 30/OCVFC 1000 gpm/250 gal.

Originally designed & built in-house by the department mechanics for use on the boardwalk, this rig was re-mounted on a new chassis when the original cab caught fire while housed in headquarters (an attentive dispatcher noticed the fire, pulled it outside & extinguished the fire). It features dual Stang deck pipes plumbed to side inlets and is equipped with three SCBA, 500’ of 1-1/2” & 400’ of 2-1/2” attack line, 3” supply line with a Humat® valve, forestry hose, “Indian cans” and foam.

Seaside Heights (NJ) FD, Unit 4422 (“Boardwalk Assault”)

1999 Ford F-550 4x4/Becker 250 gal.

Outfitted with a bumper turret, dual booster reels and an angled tail end to reduce its’ profile, this rig was designed to drive directly onto the boardwalk via access ramps.