“This ‘N That”

Volume I, Edition 9-2

Random rigs I have photographed during my travels across the Northeast!!

Village of Plover (WI) FD - 1967 FWD/Pierce/Snorkel 75’/1000 gpm

Originally serving Crystal Lake (IL), this rig is now privately owned by Andy Leider who maintains a collection of over 300 antique fire trucks shown housed in an upstate NY warehouse referred to by many (including this photographer) as “Fire Truck Heaven”.

Sharon Hill (PA) FC, Spill Wagon - 1968 Dodge

Known locally as “The Mystery Machine” (a reference to the van in the Scooby Doo cartoon), this rig is still in active frontline service. With the exception of the lightbar, radio and mobile data terminal, it is maintained in all original condition and carries haz-mat mitigation supplies.

Clinton (MD) VFC, Engine 251 (“Supreme Pumper”) - 2007 Pierce Dash 2000 gpm

Operating as Company 25 in the Prince George’s (“PG”) County FD, Clinton’s specialty is moving “big water” - accordingly, they have operated several “unyque” apparatus designed specifically for that purpose including their legendary 1976 Kenworth/Pierce open cab water supply pumper. Known for having an abundance of warning lights on their apparatus, Engine 251 certainly continues that tradition with multiple strobes, Mars lights and a Roto-Ray in their distinctive Red, White & Green color configuration. Featuring a two stage pump, Engine 251 features dual 5” discharges, four 6” hard suction sleeves and is outfitted with adapters for the entire Baltimore/DC Metro area. Its’ hose load includes 1,000’ each of both 5” and 3” supply line, a 250’ 3” leader line with gated wye, 250’ & 400’ 2” attack lines as well as two 150’ 1-3/4” pre-connects and a 100’ 1-1/2” trash line.

Cecil (NJ) VFC, Engine 29-59 (Retired) - 1974 Mack CF-600/1999 JC Moore

Now privately owned, this rig served the Cecil FC in Gloucester County, NJ until 2012 where it operated as a frontline and reserve engine. Equipped with a 1,000 gallon capacity pump and tank, it was rehabbed in 1999 with a four door cab enclosure. To provide additional crew seating, it was outfitted with SCBA equipped side facing “suicide seats”. This rig was featured in the 2012 movie “Non-Stop” featuring actor Liam Neeson.

Moonachie (NJ) First Aid & Rescue Squad - 1984 American LaFrance/Saulsbury

Originally serving Wood-Ridge (NJ) FD as a heavy rescue until being replaced with a 2009 KME, this rig then served Moonachie FARS as a fireground rehab support unit. Heavily damaged in floodwaters during Hurricane Sandy, it was ultimately disposed of.

Woodland Park (NJ) DPW - 1982 Hahn 1250/500

After serving 28 years as West Paterson Engine 3, this rig was transferred to the DPW where it was painted yellow and converted with a utility body used for cargo transport as well as a parade grandstand. The West Paterson FD (which celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2013) protects the Borough of Woodland Park which changed its’ name in 2012 to disassociate itself from the nearby City of Paterson.

Special thanks to Rob Casasanta for providing the specifications and background history on the Cecil Mack engine.