“This ‘N That”

Volume I, Edition 12-2 (Summer of ’16 Edition)

Random rigs I have photographed during the Summer of 2016!!

Ex-Mapleton (PA) FD, Rescue Engine 2-1 - 1980 Mack CF611 1000 gpm/500 gal.

Assigned shop number MP7949, this rig originally served the FDNY as Engine 7 in the Borough of Manhattan from 1980-1990. It then served in the reserve pool where it operated as Engines 73, 58 and 10 until being removed from service in 1996. It was acquired in 1997 by the Mapleton FD in Huntingdon County, PA where it was refurbished with high side compartments (built by local Amish), an extended front bumper, the single beacon warning light from the rear step was moved to the crew cab roof (along with another matching light that was located), telescopic floodlights and painted in the Green/White color scheme shown here (it served the FDNY in the traditional Red color of that time period). An interesting note is that the driver’s side rear crew cab door still retains hand drawn markings from its’ FDNY days indicating pump pressures and corresponding floors! This rig served in active frontline service until 2014 when it was acquired by a father-son team who currently make the rounds on the muster circuit showing off this workhorse which continues to be restored.

East Pennsboro (PA) FD - 1969 American LaFrance 1250 gpm/500 gal.

Originally serving Rochester (NY), this rig later served East Pennsboro where it was painted White-over-Orange and rehabbed in 1989 with a four door enclosure and angled high side compartments.

Oceanic Hook & Ladder, Staten Island (NYC) - Brush Fire Unit

1959 Dodge M-37/1975 SCAT Fire Apparatus 250 gpm/220 gal.

Originally operated by the US Army Ordinance Corps, this workhorse is still in active frontline service! Serving one of the two volunteer fire departments still operating in the NYC Borough of Staten Island, it is equipped with a front mounted winch complete with a heavy duty anchor to help extricate it from marshy areas - the dept. proudly boasts that it has been used more often to extricate other apparatus rather than itself!

Noroton FD - Darien (CT), Engine 31 - 1972 Maxim F 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Maintained in active reserve status equipped with 2,000 feet of 5” LDH supply line, this rig holds the distinction of being the only in-service open cab apparatus operating in the state of Connecticut.

1980 Mack MC/Ranger 1500 gpm/480 gal./40 gal. AFFF 

Now privately owned, this rig was originally operated by the Windsor FD of Wilson, Connecticut and later served the City of Benwood, West Virginia. Featured in the Hannay Reels® catalog for its’ extensive use of their reels for attack/hydraulic hose and electric lines, it was outfitted with a walk-in rescue box, pre-connected attack lines on reels and originally had a foam turret mounted atop the cab.