Roxbury Fire Department

Operating within the New York City borough of Queens, Roxbury protects a beachfront residential community on the Rockaway Peninsula.  Forty volunteer members answering 160 alarms annually provide Fire, Extrication & BLS level EMS transport services jointly with the neighboring Rockaway Point Fire Department. Formerly part of Long Island prior to being annexed by the City of New York, Roxbury is one of the nine remaining active volunteer FD’s operating in New York City.

Roxbury responds from this single station located on the main access road of the Rockaway Peninsula.

1991 International 4x4/Amthors 750 gpm/208 gal.

Outfitted with a short wheelbase & a front mount pump for maneuvering tight beachfront access roads, this four wheel drive capable engine features a unique crew cab configuration providing two bench seats with SCBA positions for 6 firefighters. Equipped with a Hurst extrication tool, it provides mutual aid to the neighboring Rockaway Point VFD for auto accidents.

1997 Ford/PL Custom Type III

Originally serving East Brentwood (LI, NY), this rig provides BLS level EMS transport with Advanced Life Support provided by career FDNY EMS paramedics assigned to the nearby Rockaway station.









MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! The Roxbury VFD suffered devastating losses during Hurricane Sandy. Their firehouse was flooded with 6 feet of sea water - they are currently in need of turn-out gear, radios & pagers (including chargers) and an ambulance with all associated equipment including an automated external defibrillator (AED). Any depts. able to assist Roxbury can send an e-mail through the “Contact Us” link & I will put you in contact with the appropriate people. Thanks for any support your dept. can lend to the brothers of the Roxbury VFD.