Tower 90 - 2010 Pierce Arrow XT 100’/2000 gpm 

This rig has a virtual twin in neighboring Bethany Beach which received a 2012 Pierce Arrow XT 100’ tower with a slightly smaller hosebed allowing for increased compartment space.

Organized in 1960, Roxana serves a 48 square mile response area encompassing both land & water. Serving the communities of Frankford & Selbyville, it is one of only two fire companies in Delaware that do not have their own town (the other is Memorial FC of Slaughter Beach). Operating from two stations, 58 active volunteers provide Fire, Rescue & BLS level EMS transport (ALS is provided by career Sussex County paramedics) answering an average of 1,100 alarms annually (900 EMS/200 fire).








Tanker 90-6 - 1989 Freightliner/Stainless Tank & Equipment 7000 gal.

Roxana brings BIG water with them - this tanker is drawn by a Freightliner tractor powered (ironically) by a Cummins “Fire-Power” engine.

Engine Tanker 90-4 - 2007 Spartan/4 Guys 1750 gpm/3000 gal./50 gal. A

Responding first due from headquarters, this rig which seats eight is equipped with a 30 kw hydraulic generator and 15’ light tower. A “unyque” feature of this rig is an SCBA mask for the driver plumbed to the on-board cascade cylinder providing protection in the event the apparatus has to enter a hazardous atmosphere such as a chicken farm. It is also equipped with Holmatro Core extrication tools, Junkyard Dog rescue struts and gear for mutual aid RIT responses.

Special thanks to Fire Chief Andy Johnson for his assistance in arranging this visit (as well as to the Bethany Beach FC).

Rescue 90 - 2009 Spartan/4 Guys 1750 gpm/500 gal./150 gal. foam

Seating eight (all with wireless headsets), Rescue 90 features a 30kw hydraulic generator, 20’ light tower, two electric awnings and a 300 lb. speedy dry hopper with dump hose. It is equipped with Holmatro Core extrication tools, Junkyard Dog struts, RIT gear and BLS medical equipment including an AED. Like Engine Tanker 90-4, it is also equipped with a driver’s SCBA mask plumbed to an on-board cascade cylinder.