Special Operations 5A7-29 - 1998 Ford/Wheeled Coach

Originally assigned to Fire Police Co# 4 for traffic control duty, this rig now operates as a rehab unit. Featuring dual bench seats in the walk-in box, it is equipped with a generator, electric cord reel, a refrigerator, bulk bottled water supplies, misting fan, “cooling chairs” and a pop-up tent. This rig also doubles as a squad to carry manpower & tools for any of the three companies when an engine or truck is out of service.

EMS Co# 5 operates a total of four ALS equipped ambulances (one from each station) including a dedicated spare as well as the Special Operations unit shown above.

First Responder 5A7-80 & 81 - 2007 Ford Explorer/2008 Ford Expedition

In 2000, the Rocky Point Fire District, faced with a lack of EMS providers particularly at the advanced life support level, instituted a first responder program to augment their EMS response. A paid advanced life support provider (Critical Care or Paramedic level) was assigned to guarantee rapid response coupled with the availability of advanced life support to supplement the volunteer EMS response. Initially established from 0600-2000 hours using the existing 1989 Chevy Caprice responder vehicle (affectionately known among the paid providers & volunteers alike as “The Road Couch”), the program soon proved its’ merit and was expanded to full 24 hour coverage. Present day, due to increased call volume, the program has been expanded to include two paid ALS providers on duty in separate responder vehicles allowing joint response to high priority alarms (cardiac arrest, trauma, etc.) or independently when multiple calls are received.

Rocky Point Fire Department EMS Co# 5

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Terry McCarrick for arranging this photo shoot as well as Company# 4 member Gene Buchner for his assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos.