Engine 5A7-3 - 2000 Pierce Lance 2000 gpm/750 gal.

This rig is the only engine among the fleet equipped with Pierce’s roll-over air bag protection system.

Ladder 5A7-14 (“14 Truck”) - 1997 Sutphen 95’/1500 gpm/300 gal.

Responding districtwide as the truck company, it is equipped with a full set of Hurst extrication tools, a Stokes basket, tri-pod, torch & Dewalt battery powered hand tools including a rebar cutter.

Fire Police 5A7-11 - 2003 Ford/Excursion

The building visible in the background is the original North Shore Beach firehouse (circa 1930).

Brush 5A7-19 - 1971 AM General 500 gal.

Equipped with GPS, radio headsets & a front winch, this rig is one of only two frontline apparatus among Long Island’s 181 fire departments that is painted Black (the other is Flanders Heavy Rescue 7-9-11, a 2010 Kenworth/Pierce heavy rescue).

In 1953, North Shore Beach Fire Co. moved across the street from their original firehouse (still standing today as a welding shop) into what was originally a one story four bay station facing King Road (the opposite side shown here). Over the years, the firehouse was enlarged to its’ present size with double bays and a second floor.

Organized in 1930 with just 8 members, North Shore Beach Fire Co. merged with Rocky Point Fire Co. in 1957 to become the Rocky Point Fire Department. Protecting the central portion of the district including the “downtown” section, Company 2 operates districtwide as the truck company.

Antique 5A7-2 - 1936 Ford/Approved Fire Equipment 300 gpm

Equipped with a rotary pump, this rig last pumped in the 1980’s while fighting a car fire at a ferry parking lot in Connecticut while returning from a muster. Photographed at the 80th anniversary celebration of the North Shore Beach Fire Co. in 2010, it is shown with Ex-Commissioner Al Tizzano who recounted how he “joined” the fire department 55 years prior when the fire chief ran into his shop across the street from the firehouse and said “Al, can you drive a stick shift?”...Sure...Good, raise your right hand and repeat after me...great, you’re a member of the, I need you to drive the truck to a fire!!” The rest is history...

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Terry McCarrick for arranging this photo shoot as well as Company# 4 member Gene Buchner for his assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos.