Originally quartered in an 1861 school house, Company 1 moved to this firehouse in 1937 where they presently operate seven frontline apparatus and the department’s antique rig.








Engine 5A7-15 - 2000 Pierce Lance 2000 gpm/750 gal.

Rescue 5A7-4 - 1993 Pierce Lance

Equipped for extrication, mutual aid RIT response and fireground support, it features a command post complete with a cellular fax, video receiver for a thermal imager and a refrigerator. Outfitted with a light tower, front mount winch and electric/air reels (300’/150’), it is equipped with Hurst extrication tools, rescue jacks, 22 spare SCBA cylinders, two air cylinders for air tools, a 24’ extension ladder, BLS medical gear, a RIT pack, SKED stretcher (for RIT) and even a dog noose!!

Brush 5A7- 9 (“2 Ton Woody”) - 500 gal.

Entering service in 1993, this rig saw duty at the 1995 Sunrise Wildfires (the second largest fire in New York state history). Equipped with a front mounted electric winch & on-board gas generator, it formerly served the military at an air base in Binghamton, New York.

Marine Rescue 5A7-28 - 1983 AM General/2004 Firematic

Custom built by the local Pierce dealer (and painted in-town by a heavy truck repair shop), this rig is designed to provide both dive support & high water evacuation along the coastal areas of the district bordering the Long Island Sound. Equipped with a Honda generator, front & rear tow hitches, a portable winch and floodlights, the walk-in area’s custom design holds the team’s gear including 4 BC set-ups for rapid donning en-route.

Dive Boat 5A7-28 - 26’ Zodiac

Equipped with UHF/VHF/Fire band radios, a searchlight and night vision binoculars, it features 4 BC set-ups for rapid donning en-route to the dive location. In addition to the seven miles of coastline in their district, Rocky Point also responds as part of a mutual aid dive team task force along the Long Island Sound.

Organized in 1931 to protect the Tides & Terraces areas, Rocky Point Fire Co# 1 serves the western end of the district. Due to their location including proximity to waterfront access of the Long Island Sound as well as neighboring mutual aid districts, Company 1 is equipped for water/ice/dive rescue as well as extrication & rapid intervention.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Terry McCarrick for arranging this photo shoot as well as Company# 4 member Gene Buchner for his assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos.