Salamander Hook, Ladder & Bucket Co# 1

Organized 1902

Operating out of the headquarters firehouse, Salamander responds district-wide acting as both a truck & rescue company.

Ladder 2442 - 1991 Pierce Lance 105’ Rear Mount

Equipped with Hurst extrication tools, Ladder 2442 responds first due to all motor vehicle accidents. Replaced in 2011 with a 100’ Seagrave rear mount aerial, this rig now serves the Circleville (NY) FD. 

1903 Hand-Drawn Ladder Truck

Salamander’s original “truck” which has been fully restored carried a total of 83’ of ground ladders including a 12’ roof, 16’ & 20’ straight and 35’ extension.

Tower Ladder 244 - 1981 Mack/Aerialscope 75’ Mid-Mount

After retiring the former Ladder 244, a Pierce Lance 100’ rear-mount ladder tower in August 2008, Oceanside was provided with this loaner from Seagrave until the delivery of their new 75’ tower ladder. This rig has a colorful history having served the FDNY as Ladder 161, the Wyckoff (NJ) VFD who had it rehabbed in 1991 and operated it until 2005 when it was traded in to Seagrave upon delivery of their new tower ladder. It was then used by Seagrave as a loaner serving both the Bridgeton (NJ) FD and finally Oceanside until the fall of 2009 when it was replaced with a new 75’ tower ladder. Upon being  returned to Seagrave, it was sold to a used apparatus dealer who sold it for parts. A firefighter in the Harrisburg (PA) area purchased the bucket and has since converted it into a bar in his home.  

Special thanks to Chief of Department Timmy Biscay for providing the “grand tour” of Oceanside .









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