MVU 514 - 2010 Ford F450/OWL*VFD/Supervac

This “unyque” rig was custom designed and built for OWL*VFD’s response area including schools, multi-story hotels & condominiums. In a collaborative effort, the OWL*VFD built the skid body on a Ford F450 chassis with Supervac installing the fan, control system & scissor lift assembly. Producing 250,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air flow, the fan is mounted on a scissor lift assembly that can achieve a full 355 degree rotation with a 30 degree tilt allowing the airstream to be directed as high as the 4th floor of an apartment building or hotel. This rig (along with an engine & ladder) operates from Station 14 which is jointly staffed/funded with the Dale City VFD.

Special thanks to Supervac representative John Moore for his assistance in providing information on this most “unyque” rig.


Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Vol. Fire Dept.

As part of the Prince William Co. combination fire service, OWL*VFD operates as one of the largest VFD’s in the US with over 300 volunteers responding to 14,000 alarms annually. Located 22 miles south of Washington, DC, the department responds from three stations (including one jointly operated with the Dale City VFD) providing Fire, Technical Rescue & EMS protection to over 60,000 residents.