Located in the eastern portion of the Town of Trumbull, Nichols FD provides Fire & Rescue protection in conjunction with the Trumbull Center and Long Hill FD’s. Organized 1917 and incorporated as a fire district in 1919, fifty active volunteers serve a primarily residential response area from two stations.








Engine 301 - 2005 Seagrave 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Responding first due from Station 1 for structure fires and automatic alarms, it features a 45 gallon around-the-pump foam system, 15kw generator with two 250’ electric cord reels and a 15’ 9,000 watt light tower. It is outfitted with six pre-connects (1-3/4” & 2-1/2”), a 3” pre-connected monitor, 400’ of 3” supply line with a siamese for advancing “hotel packs” and 1,500’ of 5” LDH supply line. A thermal imager, 4 gas meter, AED and an assortment of ventilation saws (Partner® K950, Echo® Quick-Vent and 20” chainsaw) rounds out its’ equipment complement.

Special thanks to Chief Brian McGovern and Captain Curt Robinson for their assistance in

arranging my visit, positioning the apparatus and providing background information on the department’s operations.

Rescue 300 - 1992 Ottawa-Beck 1500 gpm/800 gal.

Assigned for motor vehicle accidents, car fires and haz-mat responses, this rig is being replaced with a 2015 Spartan/Gowans-Knight 1500/750 rescue pumper. Outfitted with a 90 gallon around-the-pump foam system, it features a 12kw generator powering four 1500 watt telescoping quartz scene lights and three 250’ electric cord reels. For rescue operations, it is equipped with a full complement of Hurst® extrication tools powered through two pumps with front & rear mounted reels, cold water exposure suits/PFD’s, a tri-pod, Stoke basket and SKED stretcher. For firefighting, it carries several pre-connects, 1,000’ of 5” LDH supply line and features a roof mounted turret with floodlights.

Quint 303 - 2000 Seagrave 1500 gpm/500 gal.

First due from Station 2 on all alarms, it is outfitted with a pre-piped waterway, 7.5kw generator, two 250’ electric cord reels and two 1500 watt telescoping quartz scene lights. Similarly equipped as Engine 301 responding first due out of Station 1 (TIC, 4 gas meter, AED), it is equipped with five pre-connects (1-3/4” & 2-1/2”) and 800’ of 5” LDH supply line. In addition, it carries a portable Hurst power unit with combi-tool, RIT gear, cold water and rope rescue equipment, vent saws (rotary & chain) and a 21” PPV fan.

Engine 302 - 1982 Hahn 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Responding second due from Station 2, this workhorse also serves as a dedicated reserve engine for the department. It features a 45 gallon around-the-pump foam system, an 8kw generator and two 1500 watt telescoping quartz scene lights. Equipped with 1500’ of 5” LDH supply line, it is outfitted with various attack lines including a pre-connected BlitzFire® monitor. 

Nichols FD also operates Truck 304, affectionately known as “Fresh Air & Sunshine” - a 1982 Hahn quad with a Ranger walk-around body, it features a 200 gallon diaphragm pump with foam system, 15kw generator, four bottle 6,000 psi cascade system, 13’ 9,000 watt light tower, eight telescoping quartz scene lights and four 250’ electric cord reels. Its’ equipment complement includes 210’ of ground ladders as well as water/ice rescue equipment including an ice rescue sled.

Nichols FD operates two stations including Station 1 which was constructed in 1938 and is home to Engine 301, Rescue 300 and Truck 304. Outfitted with a full kitchen, showers and sleeping quarters, Nichols members participate in a nightly in-house duty crew program known as “Sleeping On” which was established during World War II to ensure prompt response to emergencies. A “unyque” feature of this firehouse is the fire helmet design cut into the window shutters. Station 2, built in 1973 features 3 bays housing Quint 303, Engine 302 and the department’s apparatus maintenance facility.