Heavy Rescue 5A-5-4 - 1998 Pierce Quantum

This rig replaced a 1975 Ford C /Saulbury walk-in rescue which was then converted as the response vehicle for the marine rescue/dive team. Featuring an on-board winch, generator and light tower, it is equipped with Genesis® extrication tools (on-board and portable), air bags, rescue struts, Sawzall® brand cordless hand tools and rope rescue gear.

Mount Sinai Fire Department

Organized in 1930, Mount Sinai responds from two stations providing Fire & Rescue protection to a 5.5 mile response area including two major four lane highways, Mount Sinai Harbor and the Long Island Sound.









Ladder 5A5-5 - 1978 Mack/Baker 75’

Serving its’ third career in Mount Sinai, this rig initially started out life in North Massapequa (LI, NY) in Nassau County where it served as Ladder 661 until 2001 when replaced by an American LaFrance 93’ mid-mount ladder tower. The Dix Hills FD in neighboring Suffolk County then acquired this rig when the department began looking to integrate an aerial device into their operations due to the changing landscape of their response area including larger homes on set back properties. Ladder 2-8-6 was placed into service into 2001 at Station 1 where it responded districtwide as a truck company. When the Mack tower ladder failed it’s aerial inspection, the department purchased a new Pierce 75’ aerial quint in 2006. The old Mack was first offered back to North Massapequa who declined the offer after which it was sold in “as is” condition to Mount Sinai who was also looking to evaluate adding a truck company into their operations. It was then sent out for a year long rebuild including a complete overhaul of the boom to make it compliant to pass the inspection. It currently operates out of Station 1.

Engine 5A5-3 - 2003 Pierce Dash 1500 gpm/500 gal.

This rig was purchased in 2008 from the Syosset FD in neighboring Nassau County (hence its’ Maroon paint scheme) following their fleet update.

Engine 5A5-6 - 2010 Pierce Velocity 1500 gpm/750 gal.

First due from Station 1, it is equipped with a full set of Genesis extrication tools & RIT equipment.

Brush 5A-5-12 - 2000 Ford F550/Firematic BRAT 250 gpm/250 gal./30 gal. foam

Engine 5A-5-2 - 2016 Pierce Enforcer PUC 4x4 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Responding first due from Headquarters, this rig was developed to better meet the needs of the department during storm response. Located on the waterfront bordering the Long Island Sound, MSFD’s response area was hit particularly hard during Hurricane Sandy thereby prompting the necessity of this rig.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Nick Beckman, Asst. Chief Randy Nelson and the members of MSFD for their assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos and providing background information.