Antique - 1939 Mack

The pride of Company# 4, this rig is currently a restoration in progress.

The original firehouse, it has been extended with an additional two bays. Company 4 houses a pumper tanker, aerial quint, fire police unit and the company’s antique Mack engine.








Tanker 425 - 2004 Seagrave 2000 gpm/2500 gal.

Responding first due for brush fires, non-hydranted areas and Interstate 287, this rig is otherwise second due behind Ladder 4. Seating eight (6 with SCBA), it features three 10” side/rear dumps with dual controls (cab & pump panel), two 12’ sections of hard suction and a 2,500 gallon folding tank. It’s hose load includes a 200’ booster reel with 1” forestry hose, a 300’ rear 2-1/2” pre-connect, 250’ of 2” attack line off a rear discharge, 300’ of 3” supply line as well as 1,400’ of 5” LDH. Due to its’ ability to move “big water”, it has responded extensively for mutual aid to neighboring counties in both New Jersey (Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic and Union) and New York (Rockland).

Ladder 4 (“Fardale Trucking”) - 2005 Seagrave 75’ “Meanstick”/2000 gpm/400 gal.

Assigned first due for structure fires and technical rescue, this rig is one of two serving Mahwah (Company 2 in the Western portion of the township operates the other along with a 110’ Sutphen quint aerial platform).Seating eight (7 with SCBA), it is outfitted with a 100’ 2” bumper line, three pre-connects (150’ and 200’ of 2”, 250’ of 2-1/2”) and 1,300’ of supply line (500’ 3” & 800’ of 5” LDH).

Special thanks to Lt. Bryce Simpson for the invitation to photograph Company# 4’s rigs as well as for his assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos and providing background information on the department and its’ operations.

Mahwah Fire Department, Company# 4

Organized in 1945 as the Fardale Fire Company, the company joined the Mahwah Fire Department in 1970 as Company# 4. Protecting the southern portion of Mahwah Township, Company 4 responds as the only dual specialty company operating both a ladder and tanker (each company has a specialization - Company 1/Heavy Rescue, Company 2/Haz-Mat, Company 3/Air Cascade, Company 5/Brush). The department as a whole protects a 26 square mile response area encompassing residential, commercial and industrial properties. Answering an annual average of 1,000 calls overall, Company 4 averages 300 responses.