North Patchogue FD, Ladder 5-17-12 - 1990/1995 Mack ’95 Aerialscope

Working closely with Sayville, the dept. opted to remount their Aerialscope on a Pierce Impel chassis.








North Lindenhurst FD, Ladder 1-11-4 - 1982 Mack 75’ Aerialscope

Retired in 2010, this rig now serves Gainesboro, Virginia. In keeping with my motto “Every Fire Truck Has A Story”, this rig in particular has a personal story. Back in 1988, while as a junior fireman in a neighboring department, my captain & I visited “North Lindy” while out for the day photographing various departments. We asked a lieutenant if he could pull the rig out onto the apron for some quick pictures - he said he would have to check with the chief. The chief who was very well known came over and spoke with us - during the conversation, he recognized my captain as the son of a fellow ex-chief whom he was friends with for many years. At that point, he turned & said “Lieutenant, set the rig up and show these boys around”. We spent the next two hours up in the bucket, viewed the Twin Towers (which were over 40 miles away) & even got to operate the controls!! Overall, a pretty cool experience for two “kids” who just wanted to take a few pictures!! A tip of the ‘ole helmet goes to Ex-Chief Roy Fries for his hospitality. Thanks Chief!!!

Sayville FD, Ladder 3-11-9 - 1985 Mack 75’ Aerialscope

With 24 years of reliable service, Sayville opted to remount their proven Aerialscope onto a new Pierce Velocity chassis in 2009. The boom, bucket and outriggers from the original Aerialscope were transferred onto a Pierce Velocity chassis featuring an 8 man crew cab. This extended the service life of this rig & increased the manpower transport capacity while maintaining the tight turning radius required for their response area - measuring in at just 44’ long, it can easily “make the swing” into tight streets & set back properties. Through the use of the existing Aerialscope components coupled with grant funding, the department was able to pay their $400,000 portion outright while leasing twin 2009 Pierce Velocity engines all without raising their budget!!

North Lindenhurst FD, Ladder 1-11-4 - 2010 Ferrara 100’

North Lindenhurst had originally planned to replace their classic Mack with a mid-mount American LaFrance ladder tower (several were in service at the time throughout Long Island), however, due to mounting issues with ALF’s operations, they opted for a Ferrara. Entering service in 2010, this rig is equipped with pre-connected Hurst Gold series extrication tools.

Mack Tower Ladder Shoot (Page 2)

Special thanks to North Lindenhurst FD Chief Tom Moran & East Islip FD FF Ryan Connolly for their hospitality in arranging this photo shoot.