Utility 47 - 1997 Ford F-350 4WD/Crest

This rig is utilized for several purposes and as such is equipped for traffic control and carries a full complement of brush gear. It is used to tow Boat 47, a 1970 Mirro Marine 16’ aluminum V-hull with a 30 HP Johnson gas motor and a full complement of water/ice rescue gear. Boat 47 responds first due for water rescue and is assigned second due for ice rescues.

Rescue 47 - 1998 Pierce Lance

Equipped for vehicle extrication, water/ice rescue, haz-mat, QRS (EMS first response) and RIT, it is first due to motor vehicle accidents both in its’ “local” and for mutual aid. Seating eight (7 with SCBA), it features a 25kw PTO generator, 6,000 watt light tower and a six cylinder 6,000 psi cascade system. Two Hurst Simo pumps supply four pre-connected reels providing power to a Hurst 32” spreader, two “O” cutters and five assorted size rams. A portable Hurst pump, high and low pressure airbags and 51’ of ground ladders round out its’ equipment complement.

Organized in 1911, Lionville’s fifty five active volunteers provide Fire & Rescue protection to Uwchlan and Upper Uwchlan Townships as well as West Pikeland Township. In 1929, their first firehouse was constructed which still stands as part of the current station (monthly company meetings are still held on the second floor). It was upgraded in the 1960’s with the addition of four apparatus bays, a banquet hall (the “Village Room”, later upgraded again in 1994), offices, an elevator, air conditioning and fire sprinklers.








Tower 47 - 2000 Pierce Dash Sky-Arm 100’/2000 gpm/300 gal.

Featuring a 16’ jib that articulates 28 degrees for added “up & over” reach, this rig is second due for local & mutual aid structure fires. Featuring an 8 kw PTO generator, it is equipped with three 200’ pre-connects (two 1-3/4”, one 2-1/2”), 300’ of 2-1/2” supply line, 500’ of 5” LDH & 127’ of ground ladders.

Engine 47-2 - 2003 Pierce Dash 2000 gpm/750 gal./20A/25B foam

Seating six with SCBA, it features a 12 kw PTO generator, 6,000 watt light tower and a 1,000 gpm removable deck gun. It is equipped with three pre-connected crosslays (two 1-3/4”, one 2-1/2’), a 300’ 1-3/4” pre-connect, bumper mounted 100’ & 200’ 1-3/4” pre-connects, a 100’ 3” pre-connected Blitz-Fire monitor, 400’ of 2-1/2” supply line and 1,500’ of 5” LDH. In addition, it carries 52’ of ground ladders as well as a portable Hurst pump powering an “O” cutter, Maverick combi-tool or ram.

Special thanks to FF Bill Trego, FF Scotty Trego & FF Rick Schimpf for their hospitality & assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos and providing background history on the department.

This “generations shot” illustrates the evolution of fire apparatus in the Lionville Fire Co. over the span of 102 years. The hand drawn hose cart (circa 1911) operated as the first fire apparatus of Lionville and was stored in various locations around the community, mostly in the fire company president’s shop and at another farm. In 1915, it was stored in a rented one story garage for 25 cents a year (which was later raised to $1.00...inflation!!). The 1935 Reo/Hale Type 15 500 gpm/150 gal. pumper delivered in 1936 at a cost of $5,000 was the first motorized rig for Lionville which served for nearly 45 years and was restored in 2011. Fast forward to present day, Engine 47-5 operates a 2008 Pierce Quantum 2000 gpm/3000 gal./20A/25B foam pumper tanker that features the same equipment complement as Engine 47-2 detailed below.