Organized in 1854 as Rescue H & L Co# 1 and General Warren Emergency Co# 2, the HFD provides Fire & Rescue protection to the Village of Haverstraw. Answering an average of 300 alarms annually, their response area includes State Routes 9W & 202 while their marine unit protects the widest part of the Hudson River at 3.5 to 4 miles wide. Operating with five companies, HFD runs a “unyque” blend of apparatus each with their own storied past.








Engine 4-1501 (“Forever Irish”) - 2005 KME Predator 1500 gpm/400 gal.

Operated by Lady Warren Hose Co# 5, this rig replaced a 1980 Hahn 1500/300 originally equipped with dual 3” hose reels (this rig was recently reacquired and will be restored). Featuring split beds of 3” supply line, Engine 4-1501 is equipped with 4,000’ of assorted size attack and supply hose. In addition, it carries 15 sets of turn-out gear complete with Green helmets!!! 

Engine 4-1500 - 1989 American LaFrance Century 2000 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Assigned to Cosgrove Hose Co# 4, this rig is equipped with a right sided pump panel - a feature that has been on their three previous American LaFrance pumpers since 1928!!  Originally shot in 2007, the rig at that time had two racks of turn-out gear stowed above the hosebed.

Ladder 4-99 - 1969 Pirsch 100’/2010 KME 100’

Rescue Hook & Ladder Co. has operated a tillered aerial for their entire existence. One of four tillers serving in Rockland County, the company has run a horse drawn tiller, a 1924 American LaFrance front end drive straight frame tillered city service ladder with chemical truck and a 1937 Pirsch 75’ tiller. Modern day, they operated this classic 1969 Pirsch in active frontline service until 2010 when replaced with a 100’ KME tiller. Originally delivered with a closed cab, the 1969 Pirsch was re-powered in 1972 with a Detroit Diesel engine. Due to their response area being tightly packed with multi-story private dwellings, Ladder 4-99 carries a whopping 320’ of ground ladders including roof (10, 12x2, 14, 16 & 20), single frame (24x2, 25x2 & 28) and extension (30, 35 & 45).

Haverstraw Fire Department

Special thanks to Lady Warren Hose Co# 5 Captain Charlie Prevot for his assistance in providing information on Engine 4-1501 and the department’s operations.

Rescue 4-EM - 1998 Spartan Gladiator/Saulsbury 500 gal.

Equipped with a Waterous high pressure fog pump, this rig is the current “wet rescue” operated by the General Warren Emergency Co# 2 (one of the two original companies when the HFD was organized in 1854). The company previously operated a 1977 FMC/John Bean as well as a 1956 International/John Bean both of which featured high pressure fog pumps.

Engine 4-1750 - 2002 KME Excel 1750 gpm/500 gal./30 gal. Class B foam

Operated by Relief Hose Co# 3, this rig holds the distinction of being the only Red/Black apparatus in the HFD fleet. Equipped with a stainless steel Stang style “wagon pipe”, it replaced a 1974 Mack CF 1250/500 pumper also equipped with the same style deck gun. 

Hand painted by the legendary artist Eddie May whose artwork graces many a fire truck in New Jersey

(and occasionally New York), this impressive mural showcases Rescue Hook & Ladder Co’s history of operating a tillered aerial since their inception in 1854.