Grafton Vol. Fire Co.

Organized in 1941, Grafton protects a 64 square mile rural response area including Grafton State Park. Providing Fire & Rescue protection, fourteen active volunteer members respond to an average of 60 alarms annually.








Engine 13-1 - 1994 International/Darley 1500 gpm/750 gal./CAFS

First due to all alarms, this rig is equipped with four SCBA and Lukas extrication tools with a portable power unit. Featuring a wrap-around top mount pump panel, it was originally equipped with hinged doors on the high side compartments on both sides of the apparatus - after several “mishaps” with open compartment doors, it was converted to roll-up doors to prevent future damage.  

Special thanks to Chief Jim Goyer and Asst. Chief Jay Goyer for their hospitality and assistance in arranging my visit, positioning the apparatus for photos and providing background information on the department’s operations.

Tanker 13-7 - 1991 International/Darley 1000 gpm/1850 gal.

With the tank capacity of this rig along with that of Engine 13-1 and its’ CAFS, Grafton is able to utilize the 2,500+ gallons of water available to provide quite a punch during initial fire attack.

Brush 13 - 2008 Ford F-350 4x4/Scotty 13 HP/150 gal.

Outfitted with a large reel carrying 400’ of 1” booster line, it features a high pressure pump to provide sufficient pressure for pumping long distances. It is also equipped with a backpack leaf blower for clearing fire lines and has a tow package to haul a 16’ rescue trailer with an 8x8 Argo ATV.

ATV 13 - 2008 Argo Avenger 8x8

With its’ 8 wheel drive “go anywhere” ability, this “unyque” rig is used to extricate injured hikers in Grafton State Park as well as frequent mutual aid for brush fires where traditional ATV/UTV units cannot gain access. It features a 50 gallon tank and can accommodate a Stokes basket for patient transport. It is transported in a 16’ enclosed trailer that is equipped with water/ice rescue suits, throw lines, wire mesh and floating Stokes baskets as well as a propane heater allowing use as a command post in inclement weather.

Built in 1941 upon the company’s formation Grafton operates their entire fleet from this three bay firehouse including an engine, tanker, brush truck, rescue trailer (with an Argo 8x8 ATV), rescue boat and floodlight trailer.