Special thanks to Glen Gardner’s members for their hospitality & assistance in providing information on their rigs.

Car 12 - 2005 Dodge Durango 

A “unyque” feature of this command unit is that the bumpers, front hood and rear lift gate are covered with Line-X to protect against wear and tear caused by command boards, high eagle fronts on traditional helmets and boots of command staff operating around the vehicle.

Utility 1282 - 1998 Chevy 3500 HD/GGFC

This rig is a prime example of how fire companies create very “unyque”, highly functional apparatus through in-house efforts. Acquired in 2003, the Chevy chassis was donated by Russell Reid and “Mr. John Company” - a 1981 ambulance body (complete with the diamond plate edge protection) was purchased from the City of Easton (PA) for $500.00 while the current chief and his father fabricated the center mounted module with roll-up doors and a 6,500 watt generator. Entering service in 2010, it features a mechanical siren underneath the body behind the officer as well as an 800 lb. absorbent hopper inside a rear oxygen compartment in the ambulance body.

Its’ equipment complement includes Holmatro extrication tools (24” spreader, 12 & 6 inch cutters, 14” combi-tool with 300’ of hose powered by single and duo portable pumps), an electric reel with two 30’ pigtails to run reciprocating saws on both sides of a vehicle, JunkYard Dog® Z-Struts and Sidewinder jacks, Auto Crib® stepchocks, an Ajax® air chisel, 20 SCBA cylinders and haz-mat mitigation supplies. With such an array of equipment in a compact package, a county instructor remarked that this rig was the third best equipped rescue for vehicle extrication in Hunterdon County behind Flemington-Raritan FARS Rescue 49 and Clinton FARS Rescue 45, quite impressive apparatus to be counted among!!

Antique - 1941 Ford/Barton American 500 gpm/200 gal.

Purchased in 1945 as military surplus (the inside of the cab is still OD green), this rig was in active service until 1962. It was then donated to the Readington FC where it served into the 1990’s until being returned to Glen Gardner. With the tire pressure still listed on the dash, this rig has been restored to its’ current condition.

Utility 1285 - 1985 GMC 2500

Having replaced a 1947 Dodge M37, this rig was formerly equipped with a skid unit and sports just 16,000 original miles! With regard to the Tan color, the chief advised that when the members picked it up at the local dealership, they were told to choose between Tan or Midnight Blue - the Tan choice won and the rest is history!

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