Tanker 302 - 2007 GMC/Ferrara 500 gpm/3500 gal.

Rescue 127 - 2001 Ford F-550/Northern Fire Equipment 500 gpm/500 gal.

Custom built for the department, this rig features a foam system & Holmatro extrication tools.








Engine 1 (Engine 154) - 1981 American LaFrance 1000 gpm/1250 gal.

One of three American LaFrance Century 1000 series engines operated by Frankfort Center, Engines 1 & 2 formerly served the FDNY (Engines 88 & 261 respectively). To meet the rural water supply needs of the department, the 500 gallon “T” booster tank was replaced with a 1,250 gallon tank. Engine 3 is a 1974 American LaFrance/Hahn 1000 gpm/1250 gallon engine formerly operated by Baldwinsville (NY). Entering service in 1999, the cab was replaced along with the addition of a 1,250 gallon water tank. Both Engine 1 & 2 were replaced in 2011 and 2012 respectively with 1995 Sutphen engines (ex-Harriman, NY & Pontiac, MI). In addition, the dept. placed in service a 1980 Sutphen 100’ quint (ex-FDNY) effectively changing the majority of the front line fleet to Sutphen brand apparatus.

Truck 1 (Ladder 407) - 1981 American LaFrance/Northern Fire Equipment

4x4 55’/1500 gpm/750 gal.

Originally delivered as a Hendrickson/Emergency One to the City of Syracuse (NY), this rig was rehabbed in 1999 with another American LaFrance cab Frankfort Center had on hand.

Truck 2 (Ladder 406) - 1974 Mack/Baker/1980 American LaFrance/1997 Northern Fire Equipment 75’ Aerialscope

This is by far one of the most unique rigs I have ever photographed. This hybrid American LaFrance/Mack entered its’ third career in 1997 having formerly served the FDNY as Ladder 33 & Bellefonte (PA). Due to severe rust, the cab was replaced with a 1980 American LaFrance Century 1000 series the vendor had on hand (ex-Philadelphia). While this unusual pairing might give Mack purists a stroke, it certainly created a unique, functional apparatus. In addition to standard truck company tools, the rig is also equipped with a 4 bottle cascade system. After serving Frankfort Center for 15 years, it was replaced in 2012 with a 1980 Sutphen 100’/1250/300 quint that formerly served the FDNY as Ladder 119, Rolla (MO) and briefly at the Alcan Aluminum Company plant in Oswego, NY. The final disposition of this rig is not known - there was a rumor that a FD in northern New York was looking to purchase it to use for parts for their existing Aerialscope.

Special thanks to Chief Dave Miller, Bob Foley, Mike Percolla & President Fred DiStefano for their hospitality & assistance with positioning the rigs & providing background information on their very unique apparatus fleet.

1952 Ford F2 Squad

Originally purchased for use as a tournament truck for the Ramblers drill team, this rig also saw service as a rescue squad.

Frankfort Center Fire Department

Organized in 1937, the department first responded to alarms with a “cut-off” Cadillac squad car. Serving a 28 square mile rural residential area (including a 3 story senior citizen housing complex and a 750,000 square foot warehouse), 44 active volunteers respond to an average of 150 alarms providing Fire, Extrication & EMS first response. Frankfort Center operates a unique fleet of rehabbed American LaFrance apparatus serving their second & third careers.