Established in 1952, FRFARS provides BLS level EMS transport and technical rescue services to 50+ square miles encompassing Flemington Boro, Raritan Township as well as parts of Readington and Delaware Townships.  Operating with combination staffing, over sixty members answer over 2,400 alarms annually with the Rescue Services Unit providing all forms of technical rescue.








BLS 4953 - 2011 Ford/Horton Type III

The newest among the fleet of five BLS equipped ambulances, it is equipped with hydraulic rescue tools, cribbing and forcible entry tools as well as a bariatric transport package.

Tech Rescue 495 - 1992 Mack MR/Emergency One

Formerly assigned as Heavy Rescue 495, it features a 35kw PTO generator, onboard compressor with two 200' air reels, a 9,000 lb. front mounted winch, A-frame assembly rated at 4,000 lbs. and

12kw fixed mounted floodlighting. A gasoline dual tool power plant supplies two 100' pre-connected reels powering assorted T-N-T® extrication tools.

Its’ equipment complement includes T-N-T® extrication tools (28" spreader, cutter and assorted size rams), two pre-connected bumper mounted reciprocating saws, a Paratech® Maxi-Force ten piece 327.5 ton air bag lifting system (ranging from 1.5 to 73 ton capacity) and Paratech® rescue struts. Technical rescue gear includes rope rescue equipment along with a stainless steel basket stretcher with rigging, SKED® stretcher, search cam, snake-eye camera and a DeWalt® 120V demolition hammer. Four Scott® 45 minute SCBA, a Bullard® thermal imager, 56’ of ground ladders, a Stihl® rotary saw and two chain saws provide for Firefighter Assist & Search Team (FAST) responses. Six portable radios along with a cross band radio repeater system provide fireground communications.

Heavy Rescue 495 - 2010 Pierce Velocity

Having replaced a 1992 Mack MR/E-One walk-in heavy rescue, this rig features an extended cab seating eight (7 with SCBA and portable radios for all riding positions). Safety features on the apparatus include automatic tire chains, a rear view back-up safety camera and an event recorder DVR system.

The 24’ walk-around box features a 55 KW direct drive electrical generator, 185 CFM PTO driven pneumatic tool compressor, a six bottle 6,000 PSI cascade system with booster pump, SpaceSaver two cylinder fill station and a removable awning system over the operator's panel.

A T-N-T® diesel hydraulic tool power plant with remote start (for four tools) as well as a 220 volt electric simo pump provides power through six 100' hydraulic tool reels (including two on the front bumper) for pre-connected T-N-T® extrication tools. Remote power and air is supplied through four 200’ electric cord reels, a 200' utility air reel and 200’ high pressure breathing air reel from the cascade system as well as a 150' reel of 1" air line from the PTO compressor.

Scene illumination is provided by twin 4,500 watt light towers (each with six 900 watt HIR floodlights), eight fixed mount 900 watt floodlights and 12 volt LED approach scene lights on the cab front/sides.

A 15,000 lb. front mount Warn® winch as well as a 9,000 lb. portable Warn® winch with aramid rope and six attachment points provides “pulling power”. A total of 14 rigging points are provided in addition to the portable winch mount locations. A removable davit system provides access to equipment stored in rooftop compartments.

Communications are handled through a FireCom® wireless intercom with dual radio interface, eight portable radios (for all riding positions) and a cross band radio repeater system for fireground operations.

Equipped for various technical rescue disciplines, its’ impressive inventory includes:

Vehicle/Machinery Extrication

  Full complement of T-N-T® extrication tools including:

•(2) Spreaders

•(2) Cutters

•(6) Rams (assorted sizes)

•(1) combi-tool

•(1) Mini-cutter

•(1) 6.5 HP T-N-T® Accelerator portable gasoline power unit

•(2) Pre-connected reciprocating saws

•36 Volt reciprocating saws 

Collapse Rescue

•16 piece Paratech® Maxiforce 381.5 ton Air Bag system (ranging from 1.5 to 55 ton capacity)

•Paratech® Rescue Struts and Long Shore Raker System

•Paratech® Mono/Bi/Tri-Pod kits

•Paratech® Low Pressure Air Cushions

•(3) Stihl® rotary saws (Concrete, Vent and Forcible Entry)

•(3) Stihl® chain saws (two gasoline, one electric)

•Milwaukee® Portable Bandsaw

•Stanley® Hydraulic Tool System (diamond chainsaw, breaker, rotary hammer, submersible pump and power unit

•Electric demolition hammer and hammer drill

•ArcAir® Slice Pack Exothermic Torch

•Petrogen® Portable Cutting System

•Oxy-Gasoline Cutting Torch

•Honda® portable generators (one 5000 watt, two 1000 watt with 750 watt Floodlight

•Heavy Rigging (Chains, Slings, Come-Alongs and Grip Hoist)

Rope/Confined Space Rescue

•Confined Space Rescue Blower and Ducting

•Stainless steel basket stretcher with rigging

•SKED® stretcher with assorted spinal immobilization devices 

•Skedco® Tripod

•(4) Scott® SABA with 200' umbilical (integrated hardwire communication, airline and tagline)

•Air Systems® Breathing Air Manifold

•Con-Space Communications System

Firefighter Assist & Search Team (FAST)

•(8) Scott® 4.5 SCBA with 45 Minute Cylinders

•(2) Scott® RIT Packs with 60 Minute Cylinders

•(16) spare Scott® cylinders (eight each 45 & 60 minute)

•Extensive hand/air tool compliment

•Thermal Imager

•16" Smoke Ejector

•Electric PPV Fan

•Cross band radio repeater system for fireground communications

•EMS equipment including AED

Special thanks to Rescue Captain Gary Breuer for his assistance in arranging my visit, positioning the apparatus for photos and providing information on the squad’s operations.