FDNY Workhorses....Still Workin’ (Page 2)








Union Hose Co., Annville (PA) Truck 5 - 1983/1991 Mack/Baker 75’ Aerialscope

Originally serving the FDNY as Ladder 12 in Manhattan, this rig went on to it’s second life as Ladder 1-4-10 of the the Deer Park FD on Long Island, New York. Still bearing the original artwork and logo from Deer Park’s Ladder Co. 4 (“No Fire Too Great, No Rescue Too Tough”), this rig is shown here in it’s third career as Truck 5 in Annville, PA - it was sold in 2013 to a private collector upon the arrival of a 2013 Sutphen 70’/1500/500 aerial quint.

Whiteford (MD) VFC, Truck 631 - 1978/1990 Spartan/Seagrave 100’ Rear Mount

Starting life as FDNY Ladder 37 in ‘Da Bronx serving during “the war years”, this rig which shared quarters with Engine 79 responded to a staggering 17,447 alarms in a four year period between 1978 to 1982!!! It was acquired by New Cumberland (PA) in 1990 and rehabbed with a new Spartan Monarch cab, roll up compartment doors and upgraded warning lights. It is shown here serving its’ third career in Maryland where it entered service with Whiteford VFC in 2006 as the company’s first aerial device. It served until September 2011 when replaced with a 2009 demonstrator Spartan/Smeal 105’ rear mount aerial quint - it was subsequently donated to the Center Township (PA) VFC where it is now serving its’ fourth career.

Frankfort Center (NY) FD, Truck 2 - 1974 Mack/Baker/1980 American LaFrance/1997 Northern Fire Equipment 75’ Aerialscope

This hybrid Aerialscope began life with a Mack CF cab originally serving the FDNY as Ladder 33 (Manhattan), then Bellefonte (PA) and later Frankfort Center (NY). Due to severe rust on the Mack CF cab, it was replaced with a 1980 American LaFrance Century 1000 series (ex-Philadelphia FD) the local vendor had on hand. After serving Frankfort Center for 15 years, it was replaced in 2012 with a 1980 Sutphen 100’/1250/300 quint that formerly served the FDNY as Ladder 119 (one of only two to serve FDNY), Rolla (MO) and briefly at the Alcan Aluminum Company plant in Oswego, NY. The final disposition of this rig is not known - there was a rumor that a FD in northern New York was looking to purchase it to use for parts for their existing Aerialscope.

Frankfort Center (NY) FD, Engine 1 - 1981 American LaFrance 1000 gpm/1250 gal.

One of three American LaFrance Century 1000 series engines operated by Frankfort Center, Engines 1 and 2 formerly served the FDNY as Engines 88 & 261 respectively. Entering service in 1999, the cab was replaced along with the original 500 gallon “T” booster tank to meet the rural water supply needs of the department. Both Engine 1 & 2 were replaced in 2011 and 2012 respectively with 1995 Sutphen engines (ex-Harriman, NY & Pontiac, MI). In addition, the dept. placed in service a 1980 Sutphen 100’ quint (ex-FDNY) changing the majority of the fleet to Sutphen brand apparatus.

Tower Ladder 969 - 1981 Mack/Baker 75’ Aerialscope

Originally serving as Ladder 54 in the Bronx, this rig was one of the last single axle tower ladders ordered by FDNY. Upon being acquired by Westbury in 1993, it was sent to Baker for a complete rehab including a new custom body. After faithfully serving for 17 years, this rig was replaced in 2010 with a Crimson 100’ mid-mount ladder tower.