Engine Co. 329 - All Terrain Response Vehicle (ATRV)

Assigned as the second piece of Engine 329, the ATRV operates as a mobile manifold unit. Located at the western end of the Rockaway Peninsula, its’ response area includes many former summer bungalows that have been converted to year-round residences. As they are located on the sand hundreds of feet from paved roads accessible only by narrow sidewalks or across the sand, the SOP calls for Engine 329 to secure a  hydrant on the nearest paved road while the ATRV stretches a 3 1/2” supply line near the building. Firefighters then stretch handlines directly from the ATRV thereby reducing a manpower intensive hand stretch across the sand. In addition to the ATRV, the neighboring volunteer fire departments of Roxbury, Rockaway Point & Point Breeze protecting the Rockaway Point/Breezy Point communities operate several 4WD equipped front mount pumpers.

All Terrain Response Vehicle - 2007 Ford F-550 4WD/Frontline/Gabrielli

Entering service in 2008, this rig replaced the former Manifold Hose Wagon, a 1986 GMC/Ward 79. Acting strictly as a manifold, this rig has no pump or booster tank. It is equipped with a 2-1/2” discharge on each side, two 2-1/2” rear discharges as well as two rear inlets to feed handlines and/or the fixed Akron deck pipe. Featuring a 274” wheelbase, it is equipped with 4WD, single tires both front & rear and a 9,000 lb. removable front winch. Due to their proximity to the beachfront, when responding to alarms members attach special deflation devices to the tires which reduce the pressure to appropriate levels for 4WD operation by the time they reach the access point. Upon returning to paved roadways after completion of the alarm, the tires are refilled using a hose connected to the on-board air compressor. This rig suffered significant damage during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and has since been decommissioned for replacement.

SCUBA Support - 2001 Ford/Utilimaster

Entering service in 2004, this unit which is assigned to the Special Operations Command is detailed to Engine 329 during the summer season due to their proximity to the beachfront.

The “business end” of the ATRV is equipped with two 2-1/2” inlets & discharges. The hosebed carries 1,000’ of 3-1/2” supply line and has a capacity of 400’ each of both 1-3/4” & 2-1/2” attack lines, however, it is currently equipped with 250’ of 1-3/4” & 200’ of 2-1/2” hose. It also carries a 24’ extension ladder, water rescue equipment and a floating stokes basket.

Engine Co. 329 operates from this single bay firehouse with their standard engine & the ATRV.    

Special thanks to the members of Engine 329 for their assistance in providing details about the rig and its’ operations.