Organized in 1922, Edgewater Park is one of nine remaining VFD’s operating within New York City and holds the distinction of being the only VFD serving the Borough of the Bronx (‘Da Bronx). Providing Fire and First Response EMS protection to a waterfront residential community, thirty active volunteers answer 125 alarms annually.








Support Unit - 1995 Ford F-350/Wheeled Coach

This rig which is being used in an experimental stage has had quite a career thus far - originally serving a dept. in Virginia, it was later sold to Georgetown, Connecticut after which it was donated to the West Hamilton Beach FD, another VFD in the neighboring Borough of Queens which lost their entire fleet during Hurricane Sandy. After WHBFD received other donated ambulances, this rig was then donated to Edgewater Park. The largest apparatus ever operated by Edgewater Park, it is being experimented with as a multi-purpose support unit. Accordingly, it is equipped with two SCBA, hand tools and BLS medical gear with future plans for a generator and trash pump.

Engine 3 - 2003 GMC/VRS Sales 350 gpm/250 gal.

While at first glance appearing to resemble a Japanese fire apparatus, this “unyque” little rig is specially designed for the extremely narrow, winding streets of Edgewater Park’s waterfront response area. Featuring seating for seven, it is outfitted with a rear mounted pump supplying a 150’ 1-3/4” pre-connect, 450’ of 1-3/4” and 500’ of 2-1/2” attack line. It is equipped with six Scott® 45 minute SCBA, forcible entry tools, ventilation saws and BLS medical gear including an AED (career FDNY*EMS units provide BLS/ALS level care and transport) This rig assumed the role of first due response from Engine 2 (which the department still retains), a 1981 Chevy/Reading utility body with a 300 gpm pump and 200 gallon tank.

Special thanks to Chief of Dept. Johnny Walker, Past Chiefs Kevin Keane and Joe Raneri and Lt. Mike Kelly for assistance in providing information on the department’s apparatus and operations.

Antique - 1924 Ford Model TT/American LaFrance

Built on a Ford model TT truck chassis equipped with dual chemical tanks, this rig originally served the Rockefeller Estate in Pocantico Hills in neighboring Westchester County (a suburban county bordering New York City to the north). Acquired in the 1930’s at a cost of $100.00 plus $50.00 for hose, it was involved in a major accident which required the drivers side to be replaced. It is currently being restored and makes appearances at various community events throughout the year.