Compartment# 3

220V Hurst Trimo pump with two 100’ Hurst reels powering pre-connected spreader & cutters, rams, portable Hurst Mini Mate Simo pump (gas), crash kit  









Truck 204 - 2006 Pierce Dash 2000 100’ Heavy Duty Tractor Drawn Aerial

Responding as a first due truck company within a 26 square mile area, it provides mutual aid support to ten other municipalities including the City of Lancaster. The driver’s side of the apparatus is fully equipped as a truck company & exceeds the Lancaster Co. Fire Chiefs Assoc. equipment standard.

Truck 204 - 2006 Pierce Dash 2000 100’ Heavy Duty Tractor Drawn Aerial

The officer’s side of the apparatus is fully equipped as a rescue company & exceeds the Lancaster Co. Fire Chiefs Assoc. equipment standard. One of only three units in Lancaster County to meet the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health’s Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition Program at the Advanced Response level, it is believed to be the only aerial device in the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to meet this standard on a single rig. In addition to meeting a certain equipment level, this certification also mandates a minimum of two Basic Vehicle Rescue Technicians, two Emergency Responders (90% of Eden’s members are EMT certified) and Basic Rescue Practices trained personnel on all responses.

Compartment# 4

Large assortment of cribbing & stepchocks

(well over 100 pieces)

Compartment# 5

375 ton 14 piece air bag set (1-74 ton capacity), Full set of Paratech Air Shores (recently added using a grant awarded due in part to the 100,000 vehicles that travel daily along Route 222 in Truck 204’s area).

Compartment# 6

160 cubic foot Paratech air source cart powering Paratech Airgun & Pakhammer, pneumatic drill & cut off saw, air bag controllers, manual hydraulic pump for manual spreader

Compartment# 1

Hurst Simo 220V power plant provides power to bumper mounted tools, Stokes basket/backboard

Compartment# 1

Driver’s SCBA, Stokes basket, backboard

Compartment# 2

Assorted forcible entry tools (sledge, “irons”, bolt cutters

Compartment# 3

Generator controls, pre-connected Hurst ram with 100’ hydraulic reel, tool box, ArcAir Slice Pack with spare cylinder

Compartment# 4

Battery powered drill & reciprocating/circular saws, electric reciprocating/circular/chain saws, Ventmaster chain & K-12 rotary saws (2 each)

Compartment# 5

15’ Little Giant folding ladder, assorted salvage equipment

Compartment# 6

1,800’ of rescue rope, full body harnesses, rigging hardware, RIT equipment

Compartment# 7

18” gas & electric PPV fans, two 16” electric fans

Compartment# 8

As a certified QRS unit, the rig is equipped with BLS medical equipment.

Compartment# 9

Tillerman’s gear (SCBA, radio, handlight & “irons”)

Compartment# 2

Crash kit, water extinguisher, hydra-ram & bolt cutters

Compartment# 7, 8 & 9 (not pictured)

These compartments contain assorted bottle jacks, chains/come-alongs, water rescue gear (helmets, Class III PFD’s & throw bags) for four rescuers and assorted extinguishers.

Special thanks to Chief Dave Howey for his assistance in arranging this photo shoot & providing background information on Truck 204’s unique capabilities.

Truck 204 is ready for action on both ends. The front bumper features a 12,000 lb. winch as well as a pre-connected Hurst Gold series cutter & spreader. The rear end is equipped with a total of 207 feet of ground ladders ranging in lengths from 10-35 feet.