Organized April 20, 1808 the Easton VFD is the oldest civic organization on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Serving a mixed response area (urban, suburban and rural) with several highways and waterways, the EVFD provides fire and rescue protection to the second busiest jet airport in the State of Maryland. Responding from two stations, it’s volunteers answer an average of 1,000 alarms annually.








Rescue Engine 68 (“Termin8tor”) - 2008 Spartan/4 Guys 1500 gpm/1000 gal.

Responding out of the substation, this rig supplements Heavy Rescue 61 which operates out of Headquarters. Featuring two bumper mounted hydraulic reels powering a combi tool and “O” cutter, it is equipped with cribbing, 800+’ of attack line, 500’ of 3” and 1,000’ of 5” LDH supply line.

Tanker 61 (“Flash Flood”) - 2002 Peterbilt/4 Guys 1500 gpm/6000 gal.

Responding as part of a mutual aid tanker task force, this rig features a self contained diesel engine which provides power to both the pump and generator.

Brush 68 (“Brush Monster”) - 1986 Internationa/4 Guys 1000 gpm/500 gal.

This rig features four wheel drive, a rear 20 ton drag winch and two 200’ 1” booster reels. It is equipped with 200’ of 1’ forestry hose as well as 500’ each of 3” and 5” LDH supply line.

Heavy Rescue 61 (“Tool Time”) - 1995 Emergency One

Featuring seating for ten (nine with SCBA), this rig features a light tower and 6,000 PSI cascade system. It is equipped with two full sets of extrication gear (including hydraulic tools and high lift jacks), Rapid Intervention Team tools and Haz-Mat mitigation supplies.

Antique (“Old Mom”) - 1919 American LaFrance

Aerial Tower 61 - 1990 Sutphen 95’

This rig was replaced with a 2013 Sutphen SPH 100’/1500/150 quint nicknamed “High Expectations”.