Clinton First Aid & Rescue Squad

Organized in 1968, Clinton FARS serves a 48 square mile response area encompassing the Town of Clinton, Lebanon Borough and portions of Clinton, Franklin and Union Townships. Operating with a combination staff including daytime career EMS providers, the squad responds to an average of 2,000 runs providing BLS level EMS transport and technical rescue services (Clinton FARS frequently shows their prowess in technical rescue as a top competitor in both national and international level extrication competitions).








Special Services Unit 45-57 - 2003 GMC 5500/Almonte Fire Trucks

Assigned for water/ice rescue response, this rig features a custom built crew seating area equipped with storage for cold water exposure suits and PFD’s for donning enroute. In addition, it is outfitted with a drying system piped to all compartments for decreased drying time of equipment & PPE. Its’ equipment complement for water/ice rescue includes a rigid inflatable boat that can be filled in just three minutes using three SCBA bottles, an ice rescue sled, floating Stokes basket/backboards and tether lines. This rig is due to be equipped to meet the county standards as a back-up rescue for extrication - accordingly, it carries a Holmatro® spreader, cutter and portable power unit, cribbing and rescue struts. Only the second Almonte Fire Trucks brand rig (a Canadian manufacturer) I have ever photographed, this rig presents a “unyque” challenge for new drivers getting qualified as the speedometer displays Kilometers Per Hour!!

Rescue 45-56 - 2004 Pierce Quantum

Seating eight (five with SCBA), this rig responds first due to extrications and technical rescue assignments. Having replaced a 1987 Ford walk-in rescue, the 23’ walk-around body features both a 55kw PTO generator and a 20kw Harrison® generator, two light towers (4,000 watt metal halide in front, 9,000 watt quartz in rear) and a nine bottle cascade system with Sierra booster pump. Its’ impressive equipment complement includes assorted Holmatro extrication tools (spreader, cutter, combi-tool, mini-ram, pedal cutter and a combi-tool with portable power unit on a hand truck), low pressure airbags, low lift bags (80 ton capacity) and Paratech® rescue struts. In addition, it carries 10 spare SCBA cylinders, an air cart, petrogen torch, “Slice-Pack” torch, assorted saws, an entire compartment of cribbing and rope rescue gear.

Special thanks to Rescue Captain Chris Miller for his assistance in positioning the rigs for photos and providing background information on the squad’s operations.