Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department

As one of the nine volunteer fire departments serving within New York City, the BCVFD has served the Broad Channel community located in the Borough of Queens for over 100 years. Protecting a residential waterfront community, the BCVFD responds annually to 700 alarms providing Fire, Extrication, Water Rescue & BLS level EMS protection (ALS is provided by career FDNY*EMS paramedics from the nearby Rockaway station).

Engine 205 - 1984 Maxim 1250 gpm/500 gal.

Formerly serving Islip Terrace (LI, NY) as an open cab, this rig entered service in 2006 following a complete conversion by a local body shop to a four door enclosed cab to meet NFPA regulations. Formerly responding first due to fires, it is painted in a striking silver-over-black-over red paint scheme.

Engine 206 - 1984 American LaFrance Century 1000 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Originally serving Wynantskill (NY), this rig entered service in 2008. When purchased by Broad Channel, it was equipped with an LDH reel mounted in the hosebed which was subsequently removed creating a very deep hosebed. As the BCVFD operates off the NYC municipal water system using 3-1/2” supply lines requiring a minimal amount of hose to “make the stretch” to a hydrant, at first glance the hosebed appeared to not be that full while in actuality there was considerable supply line available. This rig was subsequently retired from service in 2010 after being “kitbashed” using the transmission and pump to place Engine 209 (shown below) into operational status.

Ambulance 303 - Ford E-350/Wheeled Coach

The BCVFD operates two late model Type III ambulances providing BLS level EMS transport. Advanced life support is provided by career paramedics from an FDNY*EMS station in Rockaway.

Established in 1905 as a bucket brigade, this firehouse was occupied in 1917 and has been in continuous operation up to the present day. Despite the extremely tight quarters, the BCVFD manages to fit two engines & an ambulance inside with not an inch to spare. The BCVFD has been on a mission for a decade to replace this aging firehouse with federal funding that required a matching donation which they have aggressively worked to obtain through various fund raisers including a sponsor-a-brick drive. Unfortunately, despite their dedicated efforts in raising funds and working to meet the regulations imposed by numerous NYC agencies, political “red tape” has delayed this project further. Due to recent developments, the department is now working with New York State to move forward on this project.









Engine 209 - 1989 Hahn 1500 gpm/500 gal./50 gal. foam

Donated by the Malverne (LI, NY) FD, this rig entered service in 2010 after being “kitbashed” in order to provide another four door apparatus with increased seating. One of only three split tilt cabs ever built by Hahn, it is a true hybrid using the transmission and pump from a 1984 American LaFrance as well as Mack Bulldog mirrors. Seating 10, it responds first due as a squad company equipped with six SCBA (four seat mounted), a thermal imager, K12 ventilation saw, Hurst extrication tools and air bags.

MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! - the Broad Channel VFD suffered catastrophic losses following Hurricane Sandy losing both engines (205 & 209), ambulances and most of their equipment. They are in desperate need of the following equipment: VHF radios, batteries & chargers, Scott SCBA, generators, saws & extrication tools. Any dept. wishing to donate used equipment can click the “Contact Us” link in the navigation bar above & I will forward you the contact information for their asst. chief. Thanks in advance to all the brothers willing to help the BCVFD.