Wallington (NJ) FD Emergency Squad, Rescue 204 - 1997 Volvo FE/PL Custom

Featuring a command post/field comm module in the walk-in box (accessible through an officers side entry door), this rig provides rescue services and is used to manage dive team operations as part of a multi-department water rescue taskforce.

Lyndhurst (NJ) FD, Rescue 32-34 - 2008 Pierce Velocity

The first heavy rescue apparatus in the 125 year history of the department, this rig serves its’ own 1.5 square mile borough as well as providing mutual aid dive team support (cascade & communications) to neighboring Oradell and Wallington. Seating six, it features a four cylinder cascade system with fill station, a 20,000 lb. winch, 20’ light tower and a walk-in command post/field comm module built into the front of the rescue box. It is equipped with pre-connected & portable Holmatro extrication tools, rescue struts, an Arc Air torch, DeWalt cordless hand tools, rope rescue gear including a Stokes basket and SKED stretcher as well as BLS medical equipment including an AED. Accessed from the crew cab, the walk-in field comm module features a command board, two laptops (one of which is connected to a flatscreen TV), a printer, satellite phone and a total of nine radios.

North Arlington (NJ) Rescue 5 - 2010 KME

Featuring a command post/field comm module in the front of the walk-around box, it is equipped with a four cylinder cascade system with two bottle fill station, an on-board air compressor, pre-connected Hurst Gold Series extrication tools, Res-Q-Jack stabilization struts, Level B haz-mat protective clothing and an inflatable rescue boat with the outboard motor mounted on a pull-out board. The walk-in field comm module (accessible from the crew cab) features two command desks with dry erase boards and radio headsets, four radios, a tactical control board, laptop computer and Haz-Mat reference materials.

Carlstadt (NJ) FD, Rescue 705 - 2000 Spartan Gladiator/Rescue 1

Operated by the Emergency Squad (staffed with members of the department’s “mother” companies), this rig provides mutual aid to the Boroughs of East Rutherford, Rutherford, Wallington and Elmwood Park, RIT for the City of Passaic and supplies safety boats for dive operations with Wallington’s dive team. It features a 35kw Onan direct drive generator, a light tower, four 100’ reels with pre-connected Amkus extrication tools and a 10,000 lb. portable winch with six receiver points. It’s command module located aft of the crew cab is equipped with a total of six radios and a laptop computer.

Saddle Brook (NJ) FD, Rescue 1 - 1994 Pierce Lance

Featuring a crew cab & walk-in body with seating for 14, this rig features a command post complete with two command boards, six radios and a laptop. It is equipped with both single & dual Hurst pumps as well as a Hurst portable pump (powering two spreaders, two cutters, a combi tool & four rams), high and low pressure air bags as well as a four bottle cascade system with Sierra booster pump.

“Calling the Field Comm K...”

The influence of “big city” fire departments such as the FDNY, Philadelphia, etc. is often apparent with neighboring suburbs with regard to tactics, equipment and apparatus. The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) operates several mobile field communications/command center units that respond city wide to multiple alarm and special response incidents. Just across the Hudson River in neighboring Bergen County New Jersey, the concept of the “field comm” is utilized by several volunteer departments that operate command post equipped heavy rescues. These “field comm” units are equipped far beyond the typical command board and a few radios found in the walk-in area of most heavy rescue apparatus in service today.

Interior of Lyndhurst Rescue 32-34

Interior of North Arlington Rescue 5

In neighboring Passaic County, two agencies in Wayne Township operate heavy rescues with dedicated field comm modules. The Packanack Lake Fire Co# 5 runs an Emergency One walk-around rescue similar in appearance to North Arlington’s Rescue 5 while the Wayne Memorial First Aid Squad operates a three door Emergency One walk-around rescue with a crew cab mounted command post/field comm module as well as a “unyque” EMS transport compartment. Click here to see a detailed profile of the Wayne FAS Rescue 976.