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9/11 - The Day The World Stood Still...

Everyone, particularly those of us here in New York remembers where they were on that fateful day. Everyone has a story...their neighbor who was late to work that day, their friend’s brother who had the day off from work as a cop or fireman and far too many who were not as lucky. The impact  of 9/11 affected people across the entire country but nowhere as hard hit as here in New York. The days, weeks & months, even years following 9/11 were filled with food and supply drives, funerals, memorial services and dedications of  memorials to the fallen of the emergency services as well as the many civilians who perished. While “time heals all wounds” and many have moved on, for those of us who stood in front of a coffin bearing our friends, neighbors and particularly our “brothers in battle”, we will truly NEVER FORGET.